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Listening & Progress

We provide several events for listening and progress, primarily an event for whenever the progress of the article changes as well as when the article finishes playing.

Progress Changed

Event name: progress. This event is fired when the progress on the article changes. This event will fire either when new words are played or the user seeks a different part of the article.

Article Finished

Event name: progress-finished. This event will fire when the article has finished playing.

This can be useful for analytics purposes and if you'd like to show some custom UI once a user has completed an article.

Words Loading

Event name: words-loading. This event will play when audio for words on the player is loading.

This can be useful if you'd like to display a loading spinner for the listenable content or something similar.

Additional data on which words are being loaded is not currently provided, but feel free to let us know if this is functionality you'd benefit from.

Words Consumed

Event name: wordsConsumed. This event will fire for every a few seconds while playing.

This can be useful to sum the total words played.