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Set Default Voice

To set the default voice of the Speechify API, you'll need to specify where it is placed on your site. To do so, add the configuration property defaultVoice and set it to the name of the voice you'd like to make default.


Here's an example in which the default voice is Matthew.

).then(async (speechifyWidget) => {
// widget configuration
const config = {
rootElement: document.getElementById("article"),
useSpeechifyRoot: true,
// default voice
defaultVoice: "Matthew",
// initialize the widget with config and mount it on the page
const widget = speechifyWidget.makeSpeechifyExperience(config);
await widget.mount();

Voices List

Here's a list of accepted voices and their names to pass into the defaultVoice configuration property:

  • Emma
  • Stephanie
  • Salli
  • Harry
  • Michael
  • Nate
  • Matthew
  • Ananya
  • Raj